Is spelling as important as it used to be?

As we have begun writing our Daddy-Daughter blog we have realized that we are going to have a lot of conversations about spelling. Which begs the question: Do we really need to know how to spell anymore?  We are spending less and less time writing with pens, pencils and old-timey typewriters. Today the vast majority of our writing occurs digitally, on platforms that come with spelling training wheels.

On Spelling

Daughter Says:

I have two different views on this topic. I believe spelling can be a very useful tool when writing a document like an essay in school. But I think it should be taught as more of an elective starting in middle school, and I’ll tell you why. With all the technology in this world, and more coming, do you really think that we should waste our time learning to spell words that we are bound to forget over the summer? With auto-correct and voice typing, why waste time on learning things that we won’t need much of in our lives after school?

Dad Says:

You have to learn how to spell. Have to, have to, have to. You have to understand the language and its nuances. You can’t rely on spell-check. Because it only tells you if you have actually spelled a word. It won’t know if what you wrote was what you meant to write. Auto-correct is more likely to make you look dumber. Not smarter. And someday, you’ll find yourself in front of a classroom or boardroom, and you’ll have to write something on a whiteboard or a SMART Board. And no technology will save you. You’ll just stand there all alone, paralyzed, because you don’t know how to spell potatoes.  And everyone will know you don’t know. Don’t let that happen to you. Learn to spell with no technology. Just ask Dan Quayle.

What’s next?

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