On writing a Daddy-Daughter blog.

Ava Albrecht is a 12-year-old girl. In this blog she will be playing the part of Daughter. Adam Albrecht is a 44-year-old dude. He will be playing the part of Dad. We live in the same house. We experience life together. But we see everything through very different lenses. So we’ve decided to start this blog as an experiment. Here we will be writing about our different perspectives on the same topic. We will find out where we are alike and where we are different. This should be interesting. If it is not, we’re sorry we’ve wasted your time.

On writing a Daddy-Daughter blog:

Dad Says:

I love this idea. I am excited to compare our views of the world with each other. I look forward to collaborating with Ava on this project. I think it will bring us closer together, even when we disagree. I expect it will highlight our similarities and draw attention to our differences. As a Father, I will try to understand why we differ when we do. I’ll be all Sherlock Holmes on Ava. And I will provide her with a little history lesson to show how old dudes think.

Daughter Says:

I personally am not sure which way this will turn. Maybe it will help both others and ourselves understand different view points. Or it could be an activity of which my dad does most of the work and I don’t do much and unfortunately bring the success of our blog down. Either way, I think this will be a very interesting chance to discover new perspectives on different topics. Try teaching THAT school!

How you can participate.

If you are a parent or a child please consider subscribing to this blog to see how the experiment goes. We will be taking suggestions from subscribers on topics to write about.  Thanks for reading!

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