The top 10 things to love about Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is one of America’s greatest holidays. But what exactly is it that makes it so great?  We decided to ask ourselves.

On the Top 10 things we love about Thanksgiving.


Daughter Says:

10. NO SCHOOL!!!

9. Games: See previous post.

8. Stuffing: One word. Yum.

7. Family: This one goes without saying.

6. Sparkling Juice: The best juice ever!

5. Marshmallow Fluff: My Mom’s marshmallow fluff is one of the best parts of this holiday.

4. Parade: I love watching that Kermit balloon fly through the sky.

3. Grammy Beans: It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without my great grandmother’s green bean casserole.

2. Turkey: If you don’t love your main course of your Thanksgiving meal, I’m very sorry.

1. Family traditions: With the food comes the tales of generations who created them.

Our Thanksgiving table at Grandma and Grandpa Albrecht’s house this year. Those are the Grammy Beans in the foreground. The marshmallow fluff is in the back on the left. See the 3 tall candles in the center of the table?  Those are part of a pumpkin project Grandma and Grandpa did with the 3 grandkids before the meal. The pumpkin is made out of canning rings and was fun and easy to make.

Dad Says:

10. Turkey: The bird is the word. And it’s great to eat. It plays the leading role in this meal. But even as a devout carnivore I’m not sure it is my favorite character in the meal cast.  It’s just not dynamic enough.

9. Stuffing:  The stuffing is amazing no matter how you do it. And we usually have stuffing made a few ways. Including Stove-Top stuffing. Because it is solid and packs nostalgia.

8. Pumpkin Pie: This underrated dessert could challenge turkey as the unofficial mascot of Thanksgiving. It is delicious, especially with a bit of Reddi-Wip on top.

7. Cranberries: These little berries are magical no matter how they show up on the table.  Relish-y. In a fluff. In a salad. Or even in that unnaturally amazing gel that slides right out of a can to show the world what the inside of a can really looks like.

6. Football:  I love football. While I don’t really care about the Lions or the Cowboys any other day, Thanksgiving isn’t the same without watching these two typically-mediocre teams play. Although this year I loved watching my Badger, Melvin Gordon, play for the San Angeles Chargers.

5. Road tripping: I always love a good road trip. But the over-the-river-and-through-the-woods drive of Thanksgiving is symbolic and nostalgic. It gives us time to prepare for the holiday. And this year it gave us a chance to see Chicago… very… slowly…

4. Reflecting on all that we have to be thankful for: This is the reason for the season. Or is it the reasoning for the seasoning? I forget. But I love the reflecting, taking stock and acknowledging that happens. All of this peaks during the pre-feast blessing.

3. Grammy Beans: The green bean casserole with the crispy onions on top has always been a favorite. My Grammy Sprau always used to make this. Since she passed away 2 months ago at 100 years old, they have even more specialness this year.

2. Naps  The best dessert on Thanksgiving is not the pie. It’s falling asleep, full, and wanting for nothing, while watching football.

1. Family Time You could take all of the other elements away and Thanksgiving would still be great. But it is not the same without family.

That’s Dad in the front left. Daughter is in the back on the right.

You Say:

We would love to hear from you too!  What are your favorite things about Thanksgiving?  Leave your Top 10 list in the comment section below (or top 3 if that’s all you have time for). To keep playing with us, please subscribe to the blog.

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