When should normal people start decorating for Christmas?

Christmas Creep is part of an annual national conversation. Typically the debate centers around when retailers should begin their Christmas promotions. Opinions vary wildly on the topic. But what about at home? When is the right time to Christmas-up your abode. Obviously this is a personal decision. So we are offering up some personal opinions.

On when it is ok to begin decorating your home for Christmas:

Daughter Says:

I think that it’s safe to start decorating starting after Halloween. Just make sure that you decorate before Christmas. We usually decorate after Thanksgiving but the sooner the better in my opinion. Because the sooner you decorate, the sooner you feel the magic and happiness of the holidays.

Dad Says: 

I don’t like to think about or see anything Christmas related until after Thanksgiving. If we let Christmas butt in line before Thanksgiving then Turkey Day simply becomes the kickoff to Christmas. We really shouldn’t call this time of year ‘The Holidays’ either. Christmas and Thanksgiving are a month apart and should be totally separated. In fact, I don’t think we should decorate our homes for Christmas until December 1st. Final answer. That way we have a few days to linger in Thanksgiving. And it synchronizes Christmas festivities with the Advent Calendar. Which is really what Christmas is all about anyway. #Christianity

You Say:

We want to know what you think. Share your thoughts on the best time to deck the halls in the comment section below. While you’re at it, consider subscribing to this blog by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. Then we will email each post directly to you!

1 thought on “When should normal people start decorating for Christmas?

  1. I say the first week of December at least that is what we usually do but where we live after Halloween there is Christmas decor everywhere I am wondering where is Thanksgiving hiding all this time?

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