Matt Lauer, we hardly knew you.

We woke up this morning to the shocking news that Matt Lauer had been fired from the Today show for inappropriate sexual activity at work. Of all the offenders who have surfaced recently this one seems to be the most surprising. Or at a minimum, the hardest to process. How exactly are we processing it as our house? Read on.

On Matt Lauer’s inappropriate sexual activities at work:

Dad Says:

I have so many questions. Was this appalling behavior the product of nature or nurture? Was he drawn to the spotlight and fame because he wanted to exert his power and influence over other people? Or was this behavior something that grew on him, like mold? A product of the fame. The power. The influence. The $25 million a year salary. The knowledge that he was a rainmaker. What makes a human do such things?  How does he sleep at night? How does he look at his wife. How does he face his children? I don’t understand this type of human.

Daughter Says:


All of this is very sad to me. I’ve seen him on the news since I was a baby. He has been working there my WHOLE life, and is just fired like that. I also find it terrifying that an offender can act like nothing is going on. I’m terrified who else may be an offender, just hidden in a crowd.

You Say:  

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