Christmas Showdown #2: White Lights vs Multicolored

December is here. Which means Christian families around the world are putting up their Christmas trees. This tradition that unites followers of Jesus also divides them. Because we all must decide which kind of Christians we are:

Here we will take on the light issue. Lord help us.

On what kind of lights are best on a Christmas tree, white or multicolored:

Dad Says:

I grew up with multicolored lights. But this is one area where I don’t feel nostalgic about the way we did things when I was a child. I prefer white lights. I think the white lights looks clean, pure, simple and bright. They look the way Christmas should look. I grew up in Vermont. And the white lights remind me of the look of real snow on the real evergreens in my home state. That’s why I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. Not a Multicolored Christmas (just like the ones I used to know).

Daughter Says:

I think it all depends on two things. What YOU want and what YOU’RE lighting up. I can share what kind of feelings and emotions stir up when I see each. The colored ones, I think, have more Christmas feel to them. While the white lights seem more, “proper.” I usually like the colored lights more. That might be because we don’t use them as much though. Me and my mom have beat my dad on this Christmas light debate this year.

You Say:  We would like to here from you! Leave White or Multi in the comment section below. Then subscribe to the blog so you never miss one of our debates on such important world issues.


1 thought on “Christmas Showdown #2: White Lights vs Multicolored

  1. Steve Withycombe December 8, 2017 — 5:55 pm

    White lights for sure! It allows a cleaner pallet for the ornaments and other decorations to pop….and definitely not blinky lights! There is no room for that in society! (Unless you are dancing).

    Liked by 1 person

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