Why does everyone in the world have snow but us?

Last week we received pictures of Ava’s cousins posing outside in the snow. That’s not strange for this time of year. Except they live in Houston, Texas! Then we received pictures of our Atlanta house, covered in snow. They got 7 inches! But we now live in  Wisconsin. And we have only seen 2 mini snowfalls that totaled about 1-inch together. What up with that?

On waiting for the first real snowfall of the year:

My cousins Celia and Norah, in Houston in the snow, in there Christmas PJs. It doesn’t get any more Christmasy in Texas than this!


Dad Says:  I want snow! Once we get to December in Wisconsin it should snow all day, every day. We moved to Wisconsin a year ago from Atlanta, in part because we missed winter. And we are well prepared for it. We have 3 snow shovels. We have a 28 inch Deluxe Ariens snow blower. I have boots rated to -100F!  That’s a lot of negative Fs!  I have enough snowmobile gear to outfit The Jackson 5 (in the 1970’s, not now that they are down a man or two).  We have 7 sleds in this house. We have an igloo making kit! And I have 2 winter jackets that I have never worn. Houston doesn’t deserve snow. Atlanta can’t handle the snow. Send it our way.  Or I’m gonna move this family to Siberia. Or someplace even colder than that. Like Minneapolis.

Daughter Says:

I think the first snow is nothing short of magical. We had our first small snow of the season a couple of days ago, and spent all of our time outside, both by ourselves and with the neighbors. The only part I would change, is the amount of snow we get. And living in Wisconsin, our expectations are very high. Us kids would like about a foot of snow so that we get off school. But that’s not likely, considering all the snow plowing equipment they’ve got here!

Our house in Atlanta looks like it could be in one of the Lifetime Network Christmas movies that mom watches.

You Say:  We want to hear from you. Have you had snow this year? Does your total snowfall make you happy or unhappy? Then subscribe to the blog to participate in our other extremely important world issues.

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