Our Daddy-Daughter mid-week adventure!

Last week we were offered tickets to the last home game for the University of Wisconsin’s Big 10 Champion mens basketball team. The game was on Wednesday night, starting at 8pm. And it was in Madison, which is an hour and a half from our home in Milwaukee. We knew we wouldn’t get home until midnight. On a school night. But we decided to go anyway. So today’s question is:

What was the best part of the midweek basketball game that had us out until midnight on a school night?

Dad Says:

The best part of the experience was being able to teach Ava that sometimes you have to enjoy a middle-of-the-week adventure that lasts until midnight. Even on a school night. Or a work night. Or a Brian McKnight. Because life should be an adventure.

On our drive to and from the game we talked about friends and school. We talked about athletics and business. We talked about life and dreams. And every so often, throughout the night, I would remind her, that this is her life. It’s my way of ensuring we stop and smell the roses. Even if there are no roses around.

One of our favorite things is running into people we know unexpectedly. And as we were walking to the Kohl Center we heard someone call out, ‘Hey Adam!’ When we turned around we saw our friend Taylor Amann right behind us.

Taylor was a 3-time Big 10 pole vault champion and an All-American at the University of Wisconsin. Last year she also made it to the finals of American Ninja Warriors.

We ran into our friend Taylor before we even got the the venue. Her shoes were pretty cool.

When we entered the Kohl Center we saw work that my advertising agency created throughout the arena. I enjoyed teaching A.C. how sports sponsorships work. (They work because money works.) Even more fun, my man Alex Vitanye at Badger Sports Property stopped by our seats to spoil A.C. with a very thoughtful swag bag of Badger gear.

One of the signs my agency, The Weaponry, made for UW Credit Union that was on display during the game.

It was also Senior Night. So A.C. also got to see the honors and tributes to the senior basketball players, team managers, and spirit squad members who dedicated so much time to their respective teams.


The game presented a great opportunity to share what it is like to be part of a tribe. Badger fans and Wisconsin grads are all part of a special tribe, with our own traditions, songs, symbols and clothing. All of which were on display that night.

But there is also a tribe within that tribe, comprised of the former Badger student athletes. Ava and I spent time with my friends who are part of the W Letterwinners Club. She could see the special bond we all share. Impressively, the 9 athletes she talked to had been either a Big Ten individual champion, won a Big 10 Conference team championship, been on a National Championship team, or played in an NCAA Final Four. #GoBadgers!

Here we are with my boy Derek Steinbach. Derek is also a former Badger track athlete. He and his wife Alexis  (Volleyball & Track) are expecting their own little Badger at the end of this month.
During the second half we ended up in a suite with my college teammate Scott Brinen and my buddy Charlie Wills.



Before we left, Ava recognized the glass installation at the Kohl Center as Wisconsin alum, Dale Chihuly’s. She knew this because we went to his museum in Seattle last summer. If I didn’t feel like a good parent before, I sure did after that.

Ava Says:

I love when my dad takes me on these last minute adventures. It feels like we’re out there, conquering life, while others sit at home watching life pass them by. I mean, for people who like that, you do you. But I enjoy living my life to the fullest.

I love the drives, the fast food, the places we go, but most of all, I love the people we see. There’s something different about going to a sports event to just sit there and watch the game. It’s another thing to be at the game with other people to share that experience with.

Ava enjoying some sweet suite time with her Dad, Mickey DeFilippo (track), Charlie Wills (basketball),  Wes Kavelaris (track), Scott Brinen (track and XC) and Ben Brust (basketball).

Now there are 2 ways you can fulfill this. You can either invite people to come with you, or gather people along the way. For example, I went to one of the high school basketball games at my school, knowing that some of my teammates would be there. But I wasn’t relying on them being there in order to go.

So many people my age feel this sense of obligation to accompany each other to the bathroom, to get a snack, etc. On the other hand, the part I extremely enjoy from those games is when I walk around and say hi to girls I know from track, neighbors, people on the high school basketball team, etc. It creates a sense of community.

Walking back to the car after that game, I kept thinking of how I had so much more fun because of the people I met and spent time with, not just watching the game. This is something my Dad’s been good at for as long as I’ve know him. I’m hoping it’s rubbing off on me.

Ava ‘Shorty’ Albrecht and Uncle Charlie Wills.

You Says:

We want to hear from you! Do you like a midweek adventure? Or are you all business during the week, and save the fun for the weekends, holidays and vacations?

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