Are you scared?

What an interesting predicament we have found ourselves in. The people of our planet are under attack, and hiding from an invisible enemy. Schools are closed. Everything fun, sporty or people-ish is closed. In just weeks the stock market has Dickensed on us and gone from the best of times to the worst of times. There is now an outbreak of Corona-cooties at a senior living facility 7 miles from our house. News media is packed like the Tokyo Subway with bad news. Which leads to the question:

Are you scared of the coronavirus?

Daughter Says:

I’m not scared. If anything I’m just upset it’s such a big deal. I’m disappointed we’re not going on a spring break trip anymore. I’m disappointed that I’m not going to see my friends for at least a month. I’m disappointed we might not do the special 8th grade activities I’ve waited 2 years for. A part of me wishes the whole country would just self quarantine themselves for 2 weeks and then the whole thing would die out sooner. Even statistically, not a lot of people who get the disease die from it. Not that we want anyone to die. But the flu has proven more dangerous than the coronavirus. And we don’t stop everything for the flu.

Dad Says:

No, I am not scared. We are doing all the right things. I feel like a modern day Boo Radley, because I have only left our neighborhood once in the past week. I wash my hands like I am getting paid to do it. No one in our household is among the vulnerable population. We have no underlying conditions. At least none related to COVID-19. We cancelled our spring break cruise, which was to leave from Seattle, with stops in Italy, Iran and Wuhan. Ok, so that was a joke. But we did cancel our spring break plans, just to avoid unnecessary worry, and save our vacation time and money to use when we can thoroughly enjoy it. When you are being smart and prepared there is no reason to be scared.

If you want a more hopeful look at our situation, read Evidence over Hysteria – COVID-19.  Like Shakira’s hips, the data don’t lie.

You Says:

We want to hear from you. Are you scared? If so, what part of this is scariest for you? If not, we want to hear what fuels your lack of fear.

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