Why our family is suddenly having a ball with foosball.

We have had a foosball table in our basement for the past 3 years. Over that time we have played every couple of months. But like Ray Parker Jr., the table must know there is something strange in our neighborhood. Because over the past 3 weeks we have played foosball every night. During the COVID-19 crisis we are not just playing one game. Right now Dad (Adam), Ava (14), Johann (12), and Magnus (9) play for between 30 minutes and an hour each night. So the question is:

Why is our nightly foosball a daily highlight?


Daughter Says:

Foosball has started to be a daily routine. Every night someone makes sure that we remember to play foosball before bed. It’s a nice way to detach from what we individually do, and spend time with each other. I also love how intense it gets. Lets just say that swear words have been said, and our family’s new chant is, “Where DON’T we want to be… the hospital!” Overall, it’s a great way to spend time in this situation (and get my fill of winning).


Dad Says:

IMG_1496 2

Our foosball games provide a wide range of benefits. They are like the Swiss Army knife of activities. Except instead of featuring a knife, screwdriver and corkscrew, foosball provides things like togetherness, routine and fun. Which are hard to pack in your pocket. Here’s what I love about our nightly foosball.

  1. It serves as a great time together for me and my 3 kids. We laugh and create new memories every day. To be fair, it is hard to create old memories. It also provides my wife, Dawn with a little alone time, which she can really use right now.
  2. It’s competitive. It replaces all the other sports competitions that are typically part of our lives. So every night it enables us to dial up our intensity and aggression. There is a lot of outside-voicing during foosball. Which we all need.
  3. It offers a routine. During this time so much of our regular routine has been thrown out the window. Foosball feels like a nice daily constant.
  4. It provides a skill to sharpen during a dull time. It has taught us all that if you practice a skill every day, for 30 to 60 minutes, you will see significant improvement. And we are all MUCH better at foosball today than we were 3 weeks ago.
  5. It’s a reminder that you can add something new and good to your life at any time.
foosball table
Foosball: Something new and good.

You Says: 

We want to hear from you. What have you added to your routine, or expanded, that you find highly valuable during this time?

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